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Certificates of Deposit

Diversify your portfolio with safe investment options that grow your money steadily.

Certificates of Deposit allow you to invest your money in a product that offers a guaranteed*, competitive rate of return that will never change over the term of the CD. This provides peace of mind knowing your money will grow consistently over time. Invest in multiple CDs at various terms so they mature every six months to a year. Then you can use that money to cover expenses or reinvest it in another CD. 

Certificates of Deposit

  • Open with a $500 minimum opening deposit
  • Choose from a wide range of maturity terms to meet your needs and goals
  • Priority Platinum and Priority NOW Checking customers may be eligible for premium rates  

Smart Choice Liquid CD 

  • Open with a $50,000 minimum opening deposit
  • Make deposits and withdrawals anytime** for greater flexibility
  • Grows at a competitive, guaranteed rate and matures after six months

Savings Bank of Danbury is a member of the Certificate of Deposit Account Registry Service® (CDARS), which provides up to $50 million in FDIC insurance coverage for your CDs. Invest confidently in our CDs knowing your money is fully insured. 
*Minimum of $500 is required to open a Certificate of Deposit and earn interest. Fees may reduce earnings. The APY remains in effect until maturity. Early withdrawals are subject to penalty. Priority Platinum and Priority NOW Checking customers may be eligible for premium rates: 15 month CD requires $1,000 minimum opening balance.
**Smart Choice Liquid CD requires a minimum $50,000 opening deposit. Deposits may be made in increments of $1,000 or greater. Principal may be withdrawn in increments of $1,000 or more, however, a withdrawal of funds within seven calendar days of their deposit or within seven calendar days of any prior withdrawal is subject to a penalty. If the withdrawal brings the account below the required minimum balance of $50,000, the account will be closed and a penalty will be imposed on the required minimum balance. Other early withdrawal penalties may apply. Deposits and withdrawals must be made in person. There is a maximum allowed balance of $250,000. Fees may reduce earnings. The APY will remain in effect until maturity. Offer may be withdrawn at any time.

Certificate of Deposit
Rates Effective: January 7, 2019
Type of Account Annual Percentage Yield Interest Rate Minimum Balance to Earn Annual Percentage YieldMinimum Deposit to Open Account
Certificates of Deposit*
6 Month Liquid CD.15%.15%$50,000$50,000
3 Month.10%.10%$500$500
6 Month .15%.15%$500$500
7 Month .25%.25%$500$500
9 Month .70%.69%$500$500
12 Month .45%.44%$500$500
15 Month Bump Up+12.40%2.34%$1000$1000
18 Month 2.10%2.05%$500$500
2 Year 2.50%2.44%$500$500
30 Month2.60%2.53%$500$500
3 Year 1.30%1.28%$500$500
4 Year 1.50%1.47%$500$500
5 Year 1.70%1.67%$500$500

- Annual percentage yield assumes principal and interest remain on deposit for one year. – applies to all interest bearing accounts
- Substantial penalty for early withdrawals on all certificate of deposit products.
- Rates subject to change at any time. – applies to all interest bearing accounts
- Fees may reduce earnings on accounts. – applies to all interest bearing accounts
- Interest begins to accrue on the business day you deposit non-cash items, (for example, checks).
- We use the daily balance computation to calculate the interest on your account. This method applies a daily periodic rate to the principal in the account each day.