Our branch located at 314 Danbury Road is currently closed and will not open until 12:00 pm. Our office located at 1 Kent Road is open.

Honoring Our Past & Looking to Our Future


We are so excited to finally reveal that Savings Bank of Danbury is becoming Ives Bank. Our new name, Ives Bank, honors our past and embraces the values that built this bank.  It helps us share our exceptional service with more customers and their communities. 


Later this year, Savings Bank of Danbury will formally change its name to Ives Bank.

The decision to change the name from Savings Bank of Danbury to Ives Bank came after several years of internal branding discussions.

In its early years, Savings Bank of Danbury was focused largely on the Danbury community. As the Bank has expanded over the years, most recently into lower Fairfield County, the Bank sought a new name with broader appeal throughout the region.

The Ives name was chosen because it has long been a part of Savings Bank of Danbury’s history. The Bank’s first location was in the Ives home in Danbury. George W. Ives was the first Secretary-Treasurer of the Bank, and the Bank has been a principal sponsor in the rehabilitation of the Ives home, which is now under the ownership of the Danbury Museum and Historical Society.

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Ives Bank

No, there is no change in ownership, structure, leadership, and organization. We are just changing the name.

Yes. Our headquarters will remain in Danbury on Main Street.  The Bank has been here since 1849. Our roots are here, and we will remain here.

No. Every team member, location, and hours will remain the same. Just the name of the Bank is changing.

No. You will continue using your checks and deposit slips until you run out. Once the name change occurs, when you reorder new checks, they will have the Ives Bank name on them.

No products or services will be changed with this Bank name change.

Yes. Debit Cards will work as usual.  Once the name change occurs, and as they expire, we will replace them with new cards with the Ives Bank name.

No. There is no need to make any changes to your recurring payments and they will continue to be made as scheduled.

No. Since this is only a name change, your account will continue to be insured by the FDIC per their limits.

There will be no change to our current Foundation other than updating the name.