Security Alerts

Access the latest updates about scams and breaches that can impact your personal information.

Text Message Scam

Please be aware that we have been notified of a recent text message scam where individuals have received unsolicited text messages which appear to come from Savings Bank of Danbury. 

Please do not respond to these messages or click any associated links. This is a scam. The linked website may mirror the look of, but it is a fake site set up to fraudulently obtain confidential account information.

Please note, Savings Bank of Danbury does not ask for account or other confidential information unsolicited by phone, email or text.

If you have any additional concerns, please contact your local branch.

Consumer FTC Alerts

Need to know how to avoid a scam, what to do if you were scammed and how to report scams? Click here for the latest information from The Federal Trade Commission.