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Merchant Services

Merchant Services
Enhance a Colour, Danbury

We provide your business with the payment solutions your customers expect.

Being competitive in business today means meeting your customers' demands at every turn. See how Savings Bank of Danbury can help you grow your business. 

Merchant Solutions

Keeping up with day-to-day operations and providing exceptional customer experiences is crucial to your long-term success. The easier it is to do this, the more time you have to focus on growing your business. 

We’ve teamed up with Heartland, to offer you innovative payment and point of sale solutions to help you run your business better. Heartland can help you streamline operations, increase productivity and make payments easy so customers can’t resist buying from you. 

Accept All the Ways Your Customers Prefer to Pay

  • Take payments anywhere: Online, restaurant, retail, and on the go
  • Accept any method of payment: Cash, check, credit, debit and gift cards, EMV chip card and digital wallet
  • Process payments over any device: Mobile phone, tablet, laptop, terminal and point of sale system

Hassle-free payment processing that gets you back to business. 
CLICK HERE for Heartland Payment Processing brochure.

Convenient payment anywhere, anytime, on any device.  CLICK HERE for Heartland Payment Processing in-store, online and on the go product guide.

Heartland for Service Professionals is an all-in-one, easy-to-use paymentmanagement solution designed specifically for home and professional service businesses. CLICK HERE for Heartland’s for Service Professionals all-in one service management solution flyer.

Connect with a Heartland Merchant Services Relationship Manager

You can contact Monica Hedling, your Heartland Merchant Services Relationship Manager directly during regular business hours at 860.670.3154 or by email at

Payroll Services

Process Payroll with ease and confidence.

Easy to use
You’ve got enough headaches. Heartland Payroll+HR makes things simple with a payroll solution that is straightforward and user friendly. You’ll be up and running in no time!

Support when you need it
When you have questions, we have answers. You’ll also have a single point of contact so that you won’t have to explain your business every time you call.

24/7 Payroll access
You can access your payroll and employee information online at anytime and anywhere, along with a variety of helpful tools. Process payroll when you’re ready.

Local partner
Meet with a local Heartland advisor who will listen to your needs and help you with a custom solution.

Fair, transparent pricing
Heartland isn’t out to surprise you with unexpected fees and charges. Our pricing is competitive, simple, and reliable so that you always get the value you need.

Complete solution
HR can be complex and confusing, but with the Heartland Info Center and Support Center, you can find forms and guidance to help you cut through the noise. And with on-demand advisors, you’re never left to struggle alone.

There’s lots of payroll processors out there, but your association chose Heartland for a reason. CLICK HERE to learn more.

Connect with a Heartland Payroll Services Relationship Manager

You can contact Jim Ferreira, your Heartland Payroll Services Relationship Manager directly during regular business hours at (203) 530-3512 or by email at

Time and Attendance

Short on Time? New Heartland Time Payroll Software has you Covered.

Heartland Time

Heartland’s Time automotive system seamlessly integrates with payroll services, reducing time spent of timecards, employee scheduling, paid time off tracking and much more.

Simplified Scheduling

Managing your employees’ schedules is like working on the world’s least fun puzzle. But with Heartland Time, optimizing staffing and managing labor costs becomes intuitive.

Heartland Time’s payroll scheduling feature helps you manage employee shifts using drag-and-drop technology, all while automatically calculating your estimated payroll and overtime expenses.

Your employees can download the Heartland Time mobile app to conveniently view open shifts, request shift changes, get access to schedules and tackle a variety of other tasks on-the-go.

Intuitive Time Tracking

Time punches have gotten a major upgrade. Heartland Time supports pin-punch, iPad, facial recognition and GPS technology, all of which can be recorded through desktop or mobile devices. These features offer greater accuracy, with facial recognition that eliminates “buddy punching”. Geo-fencing capabilities let you reject punches based on specific location parameters.

Not only do you have the freedom to use any of these time-tracking options, you can mix and match based on different employee categories (salaried, part-time, hourly, etc.).

PTO, Simplified

With Heartland Time, you can manage all forms of time off based on your company’s specific rules. Both employees and managers have the ability to quickly pull up real-time views of hours earned, used and available.

Employees can also use their Heartland Time mobile app to request time off, and managers can easily approve or decline requests with a single click.

If you have employees who work in states with mandated sick leave programs and policies, Heartland Time houses the capability to comply with state specific regulations.


Heartland’s team of experts work with you to customize your Heartland Time clock.

Single sign-on capability and integrated onboarding makes using Heartland Time in conjunction with Heartland Payroll a breeze.

There is no need for duplicated work or manual entry. Whenever employees update their information in Heartland Payroll, those changes will automatically sync in Heartland Time. After you review and approve timecards you can transfer hours from Heartland Time to Heartland Payroll with just one click.

Connect with a Heartland Time and Attendance Services Relationship Manager. CLICK HERE to learn more. 

You can contact Jim Ferreira, your Heartland Payroll Services Relationship Manager directly during regular business hours at (203) 530-3512 or by email at

Human Resource Services

Heartland’s Payroll and HR product suite offers a set of tools, resources and support to manage employees and protect your business.

  • Comprehensive HR resources, including a HR on demand, live support staffed by certified HR professionals.
  • Access to an employee handbook tool to create personalized employee handbooks for your business.
  • Online storage of employee files.

Find out more CLICK HERE.

Connect with a Heartland Human Resource Services Relationship Manager

You can contact Jim Ferreira, your Heartland Payroll Services Relationship Manager directly during regular business hours at (203) 530-3512 or by email at


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